Sunday, 1 August 2010


So the first ever interview on the URBAN GYPSIES SHOW was with MARVELL! we had the pleasure of finding out what the boys were up to on there road to success!! We met Vertex & Shocka and there manager and director Ben and found out what it was like to eat, sleep & breathe Marvell. Double S couldnt make it he was locked & chained to the studio but to find out what the boys had to say about the scene & what they have in store this year then go to

Right so everyone who steps through the studio doors... we like to give them a little game to play.... coz thats how we do... *brushes off shoulder*
Yeah so they can mc & write bars and perform to thousands upon thousands of screaming fans!!! who doesnt??? BUT can they take on the UGm. FRUITY LOOPY CHALLENGE????? mwahahahhahahahaaaaaaa

Fruity Loopy Challenge is as follows :

RULE 1 - you will be given a fruit and when the clock starts you must freestyle about this fruit for as long as you can without going off the subject

RULE 2 - you must NOT laugh

RULE 3 - you must pat your head the WHOLE time

might sound easy but TRUST its designed not to be... mwahahahhahahahaaaaaaa alright il stop with that already ... its kinda fun tho...
SO did MARVELL take on the challenge??

To find out more about the boys and what theyve been up to then go check out the MARVELL website at

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