Friday, 6 August 2010

MC VERSA..TiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiILE

Next up on the Urban Gypsies Show I had a chat with Mr. King of Funky himself MC VERSATILE!!!!.... he fully hyped up the studio!!! what can I say Ive been at raves where Versatiles performed and boy does it pop offffff!!! but serious even just on a everyday level hes got this aura about him that just makes you wanna start the whole GET UP.... GET DOWN skank.. Perfect example of an artist that has grafted to gain the status he has today its all about work people.. you put the work IN... you get the love OUT... heres part 1 of the interview... for more go to

GREAT advise from MC Versatile.. always good to listen to success stories .. absolutely wicked guy.. full of positive vibes.. JUST HOW WE LIKE IT!!!
SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo.... the FRUITY LOOPY CHALLENGE.... mwahahahahhaa
I fully LOVE the look I get when I explain just exactly what the rules are..
& this is what happened next ...

okay so as requested im gonna start videoin the interviews so that you guys can watch what i get to see coz it is WAAAAAY tooo funny not to share!!!!!!!!
Gonna be catchin up with MC Versatile towards the end of the year see what hes got next in store for us.. heres the collaberation featuring. GRIMINAL.. this is MC VERSATILE "IM THE MAN" *warning* this track is a BANGER!!!

yeah you know what I gotta agree..... definately..... 100%.. THE MAN...

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