Friday, 13 August 2010


who knows about the producer ZDOT ?? if you dont then you've obviously been hidin with Bin Laden in a cave somewhere.. I first heard Zdots music when he did the GO GETTERISH E.P together with Doller da Dustman.. if you havent bought that yet then the link is here
I swear the work ethic of these 2 is some next level isssh.. within a month I saw countless videos .. tracks .. collaborations.. best of which for me was the Canary Remix.. this track is joooookes.. check it.. Doller da Dustman ft. Ghetts & Mercston produced by Zdot.. I WOULD NEVA LASH MY BREDRINS GIRL .. hahahahahahaahaha HYYYYYYYYYPE!!!!!

if you wanna buy the instrumental to that track then its gonna be on the FIRE POWER E.P out on the 30th AUGUST so make sure you buy that & I wanna hear your versions of any of the tracks on that EP.. send them to and the best ones will get played on the Urban Gypsies Show... other tracks on there will be Pink Notes, Dirty Date & one of my faves AR... AR... ARTILLERY ..
Ghetts uffed that instrumental up differently ..

toooooo sic.. but yeah i wanna hear what you got coz i know theres nuuuuff talent out there!!!
Seriously tho.. Doller da dustman & Zdot deserve some kinda award for the amount theyve pushed out this year.. madness!! cant wait to hear whats next... add them on facebook Zdot productions & Doller da dustman or you can follow Zdot on twitter for more info. on everything they got goin on you can download ROUTE TO SUCCESS by Zdot NOW FOR FREE!!!! Instrumentals & Vocals...

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