Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Right so this year the music we love has BOOOOOOMED out into new directions which is AMAZING!!! UK music is finally on the up and getting to places it deserves to be!! Im just gonna go back in this year and let you know what I think really stood out and what I 100% would have covered if this blog had been started back then!! this scenes been BUSY!!

Energy in the underground has always been BIG but I dont think the energy ever reached the levels like when the P-MONEY Vs GHETTS battle commenced !!! that fully kicked off 2010 with a BANG!! i think even my grandma had an opinion on that one!!! whether you liked the music or you didnt you were definitely reppin #TEAM-GH or #TEAM-P!! each week people were eagerly waitin for the come-backs including myself gettin all excited to hear the new track and then came the 'oooooooooo' s & the 'woooooooooiiii' s & the ' f****************** in 'ell 's the scene came aaaaliiiive!!

I gotta admit before this battle i was a HUGE Ghetts fan & my exact words were " P-moneys gonna get murked!!" but after the second round i was like... hmmmmmmm..... I started listening to more P-money & OGz tracks and i gotta say.. I think i fell in #nogroupy

Personally I think there both amazingly talented artists with incredible flows its such a shame they dont do a collaboration, the levels would be something else!! But this battle took the energy to some new wave and if there was a door on the underground scene these two bust it open and all the energy came spillin out into the streets!!! Even if you d never heard about Grime before!!! NOW YOU KNEW!!! & you wanted to know more...

Then came the F64s on SBTV. Artists would rap 64 bars on camera & these were the talk of the town giving even more of an insight into the underground scene and giving artists exposure to new fan-bases. Again everyone got involved in who was there favorite F64 and as the hype of Ghetts Vs P-money had died down everyone wanted to have there say on the new hot topic!! It ended with a countdown on BBC 1EXTRA on the ACE & VIS show with Black the Ripper being voted as number 1. It was a great idea, as were the A64s that followed (acoustic 64 bars) as it gave people who were not from London and who maybe didnt know some of these artists a chance to get a little bit deeper involved. It was great publicity for the scene but I dont think it should have ever turned into a competition. Great way to show off the many talents though!! Heres some of my personal favs!!!

Im not gonna lie I didnt really listen to any of the A64s BUT this one i did 100% and so should you!! Jake Hall absolutely amazing singer with Urban Gypsies very own Sammi on the percussion & backing vocals!! Check him out doin his thaaaaaaang!!!

and NUMBER 1 on the F64s chart & one of my top ones as well!!

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