Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WHAT WE LOVE SO FAR!!! 2010 continued...

So when I do my radio show I always make sure to mention the producer of the tracks coz i really think for a long time producers were getting over looked and in the bigger scheme of things lost in translation. BUT this year boy have they been makin themselves heard!! I got one word & thats WOOOO RIDDIM .... this beat took oooooover!!!! EVERYONE wanted a go there was no media as such behind it, no publicity stunt it just naturally got into everyones heads and that was it, a whole new wave of sick flows & fans able to compare there artists and discuss amongst each other who was the DON!!!! Producer behind this MASSIVE hypnotic track is 17 year old S-X of the Midlands 'Stay Fresh Crew' look out for more from him this year!! Anyone who listens to my show knows that this track monopolized the playlist!!

S-Xs track got SO big & highly respected that it had its own party!! the special WOOOO RIDDIM party was sponsored by BoxFresh at Tim & Barrys 'JUST JAM' in East London!! Heres the instrumental for you to play with...

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