Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WHAT WE LOVE SO FAR!!! 2010 continued...

Somewhere in between all of the madness was the BRIT AWARDS 2010 where Dizzee Rascal picked up an award for 'BEST MALE SOLO ARTIST' I was soooooooooo happy about that he fully deserves that award!! its not very often actually that I agree with the awards that are given to people but no one can argue that one!! It really gets to me when people try and call Dizzee a sell-out because hes making mainstream music now. I dont understand why anyone who achieves in the UK is branded with that instead of being seen as a positive role-model and someone to aspire to!! It fully shows that anyone can make it no matter where they start as long as they put in the hard work and dedication. I for one think its an amazing achievement!! so uffff anyone that thinks different..

Dizzee Rascal collaborated with Florence & the machine for probably the most heart felt performance of the whole awards and probably the best performance Ive seen for a long time, it really moved me I love both these tracks but together they mean so much more... Dirty cash + You got the love = YOU GOT THE DIRTEE LOVE

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