Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Theres been a lot of girls come and go in this industry ... they come with one or two good tracks and then slowly fade into the background. Its a real shame to be honest as there all full of talent and seem to actually be a lot more creative when it comes to there sound effects and utilization of there vocals... But as yet I couldnt say Ive found a girl that id listen to in the same way as i would say Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot etc etc... still looking for one a them ones.. BUT that is probably only because I havent heard enough of them there not plugged in the same way as the guys in this scene..... all though tell a lie.. MS. DYNAMITE EEE HEEEEEEEEEEE whaaaaaaaat now that is a artist i can listen to every single tune and say wow.. i feel that or i wanna dance to that or i just wanna go on a mad one... Ms. Dynamites album .. "A Little Deeper" that deserves AWARDS upon AWARDS!!!!! infact it should be re-released!!! who remembers this one!!!

and yet even now the standards are EPIC!!! saw Ms. Dynamite performing in Brighton not too long ago WOW she had the crowd goin CRAAAAZZZZY !!!! her energy on stage is a NEXT TING!! I managed to capture a glimpse of the attitude in the picture above but you really have to see her perform to know the kinda levels im TALKIN ABOUUUUUUT!!!!!!

I heard Lethal Bizzle is doing a POW 2011... in my eyes Ms.Dynamite should be all over that!!!! she would come SICKA!!!!!! So far the line up includes Wiley, Chipmunk, Kano, JME and more recently added Ghetts to join Lethal in makin this already SMASH HIT an even more legendary track!!! Another artist Id like to see join that list is P Money, oh and Newham Generals.. D Double E has to be back on there... yeah ADD P MONEY, NEWHAM GENERALS & MS.DYNAMITE... oh & DIZZEE RASCAL!!!! yh that would be toooooo sic!!! im actually really excited to hear what happens with that track... and its up to US to make it a CHRISTMAS NUMBER 1!!!!!!! IT CAN BE DONE!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!
POW POW POOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BUT BACK TO THE GIRLS!!!!! i love the UK music scene and i think the way its gone this year is gonna really open doors to alot of amazing female artists... its still a predominantly male scene but the girls are comin up haaaaaaaaaaaard!!!!!!!! CHECK THIS FIRE OUT!!!! NOW THIS IS UK GIRLS AT THERE BEST!!! THIS IS HOW WE DO!!!!

I gotta say I was actually so happy to see this video, its a proper turning point I know SHIMMER has been doin her sexy dirty vibe ting for time and LIONESS has always come with a hard flow to beat down even the toughest of lions BUT I gotta be honest I havent heard of EDEN up untill now which is a real shame coz she has one AMAZING voice. Individually these girls are SIC!!!! BUT these 3 together !!!!!! that is some NEXT type a RECIPE!!!!! & I think this is the first time ive sat up and thought raaaaaa this is actually BIG like proper BIIIIG!!!!!! I can listen to this on repeat for tiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!! you can follow Shimmer on twitter @ShimmerBaby ..... I saw Lioness performing with Kozzie , Rival & Marger at the Old Blue not so long ago and she killed it!!!! like actually killed it!!! with the absolute HYPE of Spooky DJ & Kozzies Spartaaaaaaan... AWUUU AWUUUU it was hard to match for anyone but Lioness went iiiiiiiiin...... gonna be catchin up with her soon to find out everything she has going on but until that time you can follow her on twitter @LionessOfficial ... from what Ive seen theres work happening with producer, rapper, singer, too many words to fit, amazingly talented MdotE sooooooooo trust me we should all be looking forward to hearing the outcome of that!!!!!

Mz. Bratt SE-SELECTAAAA ... another talented artist reppin the girls in a major way...

Swagga on poooooint!!!!! and I guess thats why you will catch her on saturdays BBC2 for NO HATS, NO TRAINERS tellin you exactly whats HOT and whats NOT for the Urban fashion scene.... you gotta love Mz. Bratt ...
If you havent watched No Hats, No trainers before then heres a little preview of what its all about... all your favourite artists, djs, fashion & news all rolled into one with attitude and pure jokes.. JUST HOW WE LIKE IT!!!!!!!

Its really hard to keep up with the scene that you love if you do not live in London so this programme is the best thing to really let you know whats happenin!! and just as a little bonus heres what Tempah T had to say to No Hats, No Trainers he is one funny funnnnny guuuuy!!!!!! NEXT HYYYYYPE!!!!!!!

Infact you know what yeah... in honour to his actual greatness here is the tune of all tunes... the HYPES OF ALLLLLL HYYYYYPES ... this is one of my FAVOURITE tunes in the world... that had me an half the nation screamin GET OUT THE CAAAAAAAAAR randomly any chance possible for TIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!! BUT im gonna give you this if you havent heard of DJ RAPH then you need to Get2NO !!! serious the levels of this DJ theres no words for it only sounds... which i can try and keyboard in but i dont think it will make any sense... let me jus chat English CHECK THIS ... MINIMIX featuring. CRAZY TITCH, TRILLA & NEEEEEEXT HYYYYPE - TEMPAH T!!!!!!! THIS IS ARRRRD!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU UFFFFIN MAD!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaahhahadisgcfeagrvoureagvreighpabihvptiahbvpaiehbpq
eufhruighrueighughuhe just had to get that out my system... SOOOO where was I...

Theres a LOT of girls doin this ting.. and they are 100% doin it well... promoters need to get on this and start booking some girls nights coz they can come just as hard if not HARDER then the boys... its always difficult to see whats happening around the UK in terms of artists.. but its not just London that offers the goods... who knows about N'CHYX???? well if you dont then you better Get2NO coz she is getting ready to get involved in a BIG way!!! if your about Wolverhampton ways then you need to get yourself down to her Official Launch Party for the 'TIME 2 FLY' cd being released 22/11/10 .. not only will you get to hear brand new tracks live!!! but
SLICK DON will also be performin.. nooooiiiiiiiiiice ooooone..... heres the link to the event for more details...

gonna be playing some N'CHYX tracks on the Urban Gypsies Show this monday ... so make sure you lock on for that!!!

OH YEAAAAAH.... WE GOTS A BRAND NEW TIME SLOT!!!!!!!! **diarys out please** MONDAYS 4 - 6PM is the new time for the URBAN GYPSIES SHOW with myself.. SKARLETT @ bringing you the very best in GRIME, HIP-HOP, DUBSTEP, ELECTRO, FUNKY, DnB and anything hard, nasty, disgusting, bass facey that I can find... mixed with a little international flavour.... mmmmmm.... smells niiiiiiiice..... If you missed the last show then you can catch it up on

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