Sunday, 17 October 2010


TWO WORDS - DAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN FAMMMMMMMMM what can i say JOE GRIND . I love the way that even though SN1 have been swimmin against the tide... against the system... & against the industry . they aint goin NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! they are standin STRONG. you gotta LOVE THAT!!! SN1 to me represent all the people who ever have been lost or mistreated by the system. which come now lets face it. thats a lot of people. But they didnt give up & are goin HARDER then ever!!!! BIG UP SN1!!!! negative into positive ALL DAY LONG..
I caught up with JOE to find out all about what hes been doin.. & most importantly to get some exclusive barz from his brand new mixtape droppin
" DAMN FAM GET DIS OR GET LOST " is gonna be the ONE you can just tell. Im fully looking forward to this. a defo for my Xmas wish list.

I played you JOE GRINDs "THIS RAP SHITS HAPPENING" EXCLUSIVE on the URBAN GYPSIES SHOW!! if you missed it then heres the track. comin out for single release NOVEMBER.... BETTER CREEP AROUND ME DONT LET THE BOARDS CREEK!!!!!! DAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAMMMM FAAAAAAM...

If you havent seen the JOE GRIND wear then its all about the leather jackets. lovin dat!!! or if your stuck on what to buy your little ones for xmas... look no further then the Lil Grind range. proper PROPER cute!!!!!

& remember to keep supporting GIGGS with his "LET EM AVE IT" album that is out in HMV now i really think you should go get a hard copy of that. its worth it BELIEVE me. I never buy hard copies of anything now adays but this one i did. it looks good on my shelf. i feel satisfied. My favourite track from the album has got to me "WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT" that tune gets reloads alllll day long.
FUCK DAT IM A LIGHT A MAN. BOO hahahahahahahaha
**personal favourite** BUT
the single "HUSTLE ON" which is also a definite winner & definately a WHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL tune is actually out TOMORROW!!!!!! so make sure you get that!! theres nothing id love more then to see GIGGS at number 1.


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