Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Whats good people!!

WELCOME to Skarletts (Urban Gypsies) blog space where you will find everything you need to know about UGm. , the team members & everything that we are involved in!! Plus my thoughts and views on everything going on in the scene as I know it!! I like to think of it as the REAL TALK page coz obviously I can say & do how I FEEL TO!!
UGm. are going to be reviewing albums, mixtapes, performances, fashion and everything that we like that has anything to do with the music scene that we ♥ which is mainly GRIME-GRIME-GRIME-DUBSTEP-DUBSTEP-DUBSTEP!!!!

Gonna cover all the issues brought up on the URBAN GYPSIES radio show which you can lock onto at www.playvybz.com every Thursday 6PM - 8PM

Music to us is not just simply music - its a way of life!! So were going to keep you up to date on the UGm. way of life!!

A lot of people ask what Urban Gypsies means well this is UGm. in a nutshell.
How many people when they go for a job have to tick a box to say what colour they are?
How many people are categorized by colour, background or what area they live in, in a statistic somewhere?

Well were fully bored of all that. We do not belong in a category!!
Im sure nearly everyone has a mixture of cultures in there families, been brought up in another country or just simply chose to live elsewhere. Millions of people travel picking up different life lessons along the way & learning from the way other people live to create there own personal culture & way of life.

URBAN - means to come from the city
GYPSIES - had a passion for travel, music & freedom from the system

Urban Gypsies represents the people who have passion for real music, real culture & real freedom to be whoever they want to be wherever they are.

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